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By choosing Source Data, you can be confident that the information you receive is from a trusted source providing global solutions.

Why Choose Source Data as Your Background Check Company?

By choosing Source Data, you can be confident that the information you receive is from a trusted source providing global solutions.

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• State Criminal Records
• Sex Offender Search
• National Warrants Search
• Arrest Records
• LA Municipal Index
• National Criminal Records
• Federal Criminal Docket
• OFAC‐Terrorist Watch Lists
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• Criminal Profile

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Tenant Screening

It’s important to qualify prospective tenants thoroughly on both a local and national level. Source Data offers a variety of tenant screening services to help property owners and property management firms identify potential risks. We’re committed to screening the right tenants for your rental units.

Credit Report

One, two or three bureau merged credit reports delivered in seconds;  easy to read and fully customization to your program and system requirements.


We provide key benefits of employment verification; We identify if false or misleading information was provided, Learn if the applicant has the necessary experience for the job, A good indicator of honesty and trustworthiness, Analyze any resume inconsistencies or gaps in employment

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